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Europdev Consulting Bt. is an EU-based independent trade-for-development outfit that builds bridges between businesses from Europe and the Global South. As many thundering voices question the merits of open economies, we stand behind the prevailing European philosophy on the role of cross-border commerce in international development.

In keeping with the Europe 2020 strategy and UN Sustainable Development Goals, we mobilise a two-way approach by supporting responsible European enterprises to tap into new growth opportunities beyond Europe and by elevating the export potential of small third-country producers in European markets.
Market Access Support
Export Development
E2E Matchmaking

What we offer

As international trade and development enablers, we specialise in the following areas:
We provide bespoke internationalisation support to European small & medium enterprises with ambition to capture business opportunities and support the development movement in growth markets, especially across Southeast Asia.
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EU Trade Expertise
We break external barriers for third-country producers by growing their export markets under different tiers of European trade concessions for developing countries. Learn more >
Special Projects
We execute policy-oriented research on trade and development. We also implement ad-hoc projects for chambers of commerce, industry associations and trade promotion agencies in search of growth opportunities for their client companies in Europe and Asia. Learn more >


We are currently working on a number of flagship actions and strategic partnerships in various thematic areas.


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Antonio Alcazar III
Antonio Alcazar III

Founder & Managing Director

    Yegor Burkov
    Yegor Burkov

    Co-Founder & Lead Consultant

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