Economic optimism underscored the discussions at the inaugural EU Industry Day event in Budapest, Hungary on 20 March 2019. Abuzz with fresh outlooks on how to innovate locally and grow globally, the conference informed participants from the local innovation and SME space about possible pathways on launching game-changing ideas and bringing them to market — either through KAPTÁR‘s unbeatable co-working community or the European Institute of Innovation and Technology‘s ‘Innovation Communities’ model centred on key sectoral themes, including manufacturing.

A remarkable feat in the face of mounting trade pessimism elsewhere, the EU’s pursuit of comprehensive commercial agreements presents untapped opportunities for competitive Hungarian enterprises in global markets, such as Canada, Singapore, and Vietnam. The role of trade and investment support organisations, such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and this consulting outfit, became evident in terms of translating tariff and market access concessions from such agreements into actual gains at the firm-level.

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Ambitious and outward-looking enterprises would be pleased to know about available EU projects that support European businesses in fast-growing Southeast Asian markets through internationalisation and protection of intellectual property rights. Eligible companies can avail themselves of free and customised services from the EU-Indonesia Business Network and the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk. Finally, a networking session capped the event.

This local EU Industry Week event was sponsored by KAPTÁR and Café Loyola and organised by Europdev in partnership with the European Commission.

For more internationalisation opportunities, please visit the following links:

The following presentations can be accessed via this folder:

  • Making innovation happen (European Institute of Innovation and Technology)
  • EIT Manufacturing: a new member of EIT’s Innovation Community
  • CETA and doing business in Canada (Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary)
  • New-generation EU free trade agreements with Singapore and Vietnam (Europdev)
  • Doing business with remarkable Indonesia (EU-Indonesia Business Network)
  • Enterprise chatbot provider (Talk-A-Bot)
  • Introduction to the Southeast Asia IPR SME Helpdesk services

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