We fashion ourselves more as change-makers than conventional consultants.

As a startup, we are a lean company with broad experience and knowledge in EU affairs. We are nimble and unconstrained by bureaucratic foot-dragging usually seen in monolithic and change-resistant organisations. Our project is built by young professionals and dedicated trade optimists who bring years of professional experience in EU project management and advanced academic qualifications in European studies and international relations. As such, we understand both the theoretical and practical dimensions of international economic relations.

As an independent project, we construct client-centric approaches without any inherent preferential bias towards a specific country destination. We follow international markets where our clients could gain the most optimal outcomes in terms of local results and returns.

We shape market-based ecosystems where the business of business is not only business. We zero in on transformative, high-impact and job-generating sectors, including (1) renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technologies, (2) health care, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, (3) Internet of Things, (4) advanced manufacturing, (5) smart agriculture, (6) food and beverages, (7) green construction and infrastructure, (8) eco-tourism, (9) public procurement, and (10) fintech, among others.

Doing business in the geographic heart of Europe, we are on-the-ground specialists in European markets, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. This regional specialism is further complemented by our founders’ emerging markets experience from Southeast Asia and the post-Soviet space.

We draw on external collaborators and strategic international partnerships across Europe and Asia to deliver a full range of services that may be otherwise outside our expertise.

In sum, we are committed to helping European and third-country enterprises scale together internationally, while supporting the development movement in emerging and growth-leading economies.