Foreign trade missions are a key strand of Europdev’s internationalisation services, carefully designed to energise closer transnational private sector partnerships between Europe and Asia. Independently organised and apolitical in nature, our trade missions are all about developing international economic opportunities. As such, we steer our commercial delegations to destinations with clear and well-researched market prospects for our partner enterprises.

We differentiate our actions from ‘garden-variety’ business missions by granting unilateral guarantees to our clients. Our work does not end with the delivery of business promotion trips overseas. Pre-planning qualified business-to-business negotiations for our clients is as important as transforming those initial discussions into actual partnership agreements post-mission.

European Sustainable Trade Mission to ASEAN 2019

This trade mission leverages the sustainability provisions in the EU’s new-generation free trade agreements to explore, develop, and capture business opportunities for EU enterprises in Singapore and Vietnam. Thematic areas include renewable energies, energy efficiency, environmental services, circular economy, green building, and eco-innovation. Learn more >

ASEAN+3 Trade Mission to Europe 2019

Informed by a growing demand for imported agri-food commodities in Europe, this trade mission aims to connect ASEAN+3 producers of high-value agri-food products with European distribution and import partners. Emphasis is given to products with protected designations of origin, organic food and beverages, fair trade goods, and sustainable food. Learn more >