A leading trader in the global agriculture and food industry, the European Union offers a buoyant multi-billion euro export market for non-European producers. Exporters from Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and South Korea altogether supplied around 11% of the EU’s aggregate agri-food demand in 2017, valued at EUR 255 billion. The EU is also a sophisticated destination market for high-value agri-food products, as Germany and France alone consume the most bio-food globally. Further afield, third-country producers can find rewarding export opportunities in other European markets where demand for niche agri-food products tends to exceed supply.

Informed by contemporary European agri-food trends, our ASEAN+3 Trade Mission to Europe 2019 will connect European buyers/importers and ASEAN+3 exporters of premium agri-food products with protected designations of origin, organic certifications, or fair trade marks. The first and main port of call will revolve around the Anuga International Trade Fair in ​Cologne, Germany on 59 October, while dedicated ASEAN+3 exporters can make extra headway to Paris, France on 10–11 October.


Accumulating a total value of EUR 255 billion in agriculture and food trade in 2017, the European Union continues to be a leading global trader in the agri-food sector. According to European Commission reports, EU imports of agri-food products amounted to EUR 177 billion last year. Imports have not only remained robust, but also more diversified over the past years. More specifically, products sourced from the EU’s two major origin countries (i.e. Brazil and United States) have significantly decreased in favour of other national agri-food suppliers, notably from Southeast Asia. Together, ASEAN+3 countries (including China, Japan, and South Korea) are a main sourcing region for EU agri-food demand, representing around 11% of the EU’s aggregate agri-food import value.

As a top global agri-food importer, the EU features a EUR 30 billion market for agri-food products that are farmed and manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way. Germany and France alone consume the most bio-food globally, based on retail sales in 2016 accounting for EUR 9,7 billion and EUR 6,7 billion, respectively.

In this context, we will build the central focus of our trade mission around the ​Anuga International Trade Fair in ​Cologne, Germany from ​5 to 9 October 2019​​. Anuga is a leading and undisputed trade fair in the global food and beverage industry, where more than 7.400 trade exhibitors and 165.000 trade visitors from 200 countries meet under one roof to discuss international business partnerships and showcase the latest industry developments.

Dedicated ASEAN+3 exporters will also have the opportunity to ‘double up’ on their business trip by moving on to Paris, France on 10–11 October, where business partner negotiations with prospective French importers and buyers will be held.


As a cost-effective way for the internationalisation of ASEAN+3 agri-food exporters to European markets, our commercial mission has two overarching objectives:

A. Promote high-value and sustainable ASEAN+3 agri-food products in Europe

Understanding the entanglements of trade and development, we pay particular attention to geographically protected products, organic food & beverages, and fair trade goods. These three trends, which have been on the rise in the EU and other European markets, will not only further drive innovation and demand in the global agri-food industry, but also promote inclusive growth and development, especially in emerging markets. Exporters who are involved in these premium segments and integrated in global supply chains become levers of job creation and social integration in local communities as they produce their goods responsibly and sustainably.

B. Translate EU commercial preferences into actual trade gains for third-country exporters

Taking a wide view of Europe-Asia economic relations, we are well-positioned to deliver a supportive ecosystem focused on leveraging business-to-business (B2B) opportunities for ASEAN+3 producers under various EU trade programmes: free trade agreements (FTA)​​ with South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam; Everything But Arms (EBA) initiative for Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar; standard Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) for Indonesia; and enhanced GSP framework on good governance and sustainable development (GSP plus) for the Philippines.

Working programme

3 October | Arrival of delegates in Cologne, Germany

4 October | Presentation by a local business organisation: Opportunities for ASEAN+3 exporters in Germany

5–9 October | Guided group tour and series of individual B2B negotiations at Anuga

9 October | Departure to Paris, France (optional)

10 October | Presentation by a local chamber of commerce: Opportunities for ASEAN+3 exporters in France

11 October | B2B negotiations with prospective French importers and buyers

12 October | End of trade mission

Bundle inclusions

Export-import partner matchmaking: Delegates will participate in a series of customised and pre-arranged individual B2B meetings with prospective EU-27, United Kingdom, European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and other European trade exhibitors and ​Matchmaking365​ business contacts at Anuga.

Practical guide on trading with European partners: Expert advice will be provided to each delegate on relevant EU, UK, EFTA and other European import regulations, such as rules of origin, labelling regulations, product certifications, and other trade technicalities.

Pre-departure pitch coaching: Prior to the trade mission, one-on-one consultations will be organised to give practical and constructive advice to delegates on conducting business negotiations with European counterparts and preparing high-impact presentation materials (e.g. brochures, presentation decks, and product samples).

Season trade visitor pass: A full trade visitor ticket for Anuga 2019 will be available to one company representative.

Visa, travel, and accommodation support: Visa-required delegates will receive assistance in requesting official visa endorsement from Koelnmesse. Advice on the best flight and accommodation options will be provided as well.

Dedicated on-site assistance: On-demand support during Anuga will be provided based on delegates’ specific needs and requirements.

Post-mission export development advisory: To ensure that B2B contacts activated at Anuga translate to actual commercial agreements, our experts will continue to provide export development support to delegates even after the conclusion of the trade mission.

Participation fees

Application & external partnerships

Interested exporters may register their interest to join the trade mission by completing this application form.

We are also open to working with external collaborators from Europe and Asia. If you would like to cooperate with us by onboarding European buyers and Asian exporters to participate in our trade mission, please send a note to trademissions@europdevconsulting.com.