Our first objective was natural pursuit traffic in the application
  store. We had $1,000 to dominate our rivals and catch search traffic. I understood there was zero chance to win the top watchwords immediately. Along these lines, toward the beginning, we focused on low and medium rivalry search questions. A point by point investigation of the semantic center utilizing ASOdesk permitted us to distinguish three high-need search questions that had sensible RajaQQ rivalry and barely enough traffic. We utilized the accompanying cycle to get to the highest level for watchwords from our objective rundown: We changed the situation so it would contain the catchphrase we were vieing for. The presence of the search query in the title augmented opportunities to rank high for this catchphrase in list items. We dispatched an advertisement crusade and obtained traffic in Russia just, however because of the Google Play calculations, this influenced the application's situations in indexed lists of the focused on catchphrase in different nations too. The advancement crusade for each search catchphrase endured a few days (contingent upon the time it took to arrive at top positions). A few watchwords that could be at the same time set in the title were advanced together. Subsequent to arriving at the main three situations for a particular watchword on Google Play, we changed the name of the application, with the goal that another catchphrase showed up in it, and afterward led a comparable mission. Toward the finish of the mission for the main inquiry watchword, the natural traffic outside Russia arrived at 40 downloads each day (right Y pivot on the diagram). After the matched mission for the second and the third watchwords, the downloads outside Russia arrived at 70 every day, and in Russia itself there were upwards of 500. Picture for post The red lines mark times of promotion crusades focusing on explicit catchphrases; the blue line shows the quantity of downloads in Russia; the green line is the quantity of downloads outside Russia (there was no publicizing movement there). On the off chance that we had more cash for the advancement, we might have proceeded to reliably win increasingly more high-recurrence catchphrases, while keeping up positions for the old ones.

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