“The acknowledgment of the Hearst/Brownfield Farm as a Century Farm is an honor for our whole family,
" Sue Glover said. "Perceiving the Century Farms shows the significance that agribusiness has in our state, even by the little rancher. Acknowledgment by Gov. Hutchinson, Secretary Ward and their whole staffs shows their obligation to agribusiness and our legacy. We express gratitude toward them just for their work in this program." Glenda Carter added: "Tragically William Chester Brownfield kicked the bucket on Feb. 19, 2020, at 96 years old, and that Pauline Hearst Brownfield kicked the bucket on Aug. 11, 2020, at 92 years old and couldn't get the Century Farm acknowledgment themselves. The two of them put in numerous days dealing with the homestead. They were both mindful of the homestead being chosen for acknowledgment and homes for sale cleburne county anticipated the stately introduction." Glenda Carter said Tom E. Hearst and his better half, Iva, offered the 160 sections of land to their nephew, John P. Hearst, on May 28, 1938, for $50 and held the option to cut pine lumber off the land for a five-year time span. John P. Hearst and his significant other, Ruth, brought up their four youngsters on the homestead. They were Elmer Hearst, Gilbert "Bud" Hearst, Louise Hearst Cothren and Pauline Hearst Brownfield. Glenda said her mom and her kin " strolled 4 or 5 miles to Woodrow to go to class." John and Ruth Hearst offered the 160 sections of land to W.H. Brownfield and his significant other, Laura, on Feb. 28, 1948, for $300 and held the option to cut pine lumber bigger than 6 crawls in measurement for a time of five years for their child, Elmer. W.H. Brownfield was the dad in-law of Pauline Hearst Brownfield. Pauline wedded W.H. Brownfield's child, William Chester Brownfield, on Nov. 17, 1946, at the Woodrow store. W.H. Brownfield passed on Oct. 27, 1976, and William Chester acquired the 160 sections of land around then. William Chester raised steers and cut lumber off the land from the time he acquired it until he was in his mid-80s. A flammable gas very much was created on one part of the land around 2009. The property is as yet being utilized to develop lumber and steers. With the demise of William Chester and his better half, Pauline, the 160 sections of land were acquired by their little girls, Sue and Glenda. They each got 80 sections of land, alongside a segment of the homeplace their folks bought in 1948 in the Brownsville people group, only a couple miles from the Bear Mountain ranch.

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