Kedarkantha:Get Ready to Travel the Most Popular and Adventurous Winter Snow Trek in India
kedarkantha Bordered with pine trees and decked with the beauty of snow, Peak is frequently viewed as the best snow-journeying location across the globe. Situated at an elevation of 12,500 ft. above ocean level, the journey to this mountain pass in Uttarakhand gives assorted degrees of difficulties to the explorers. In the event that you need to encounter nature at its best and appreciate a brilliant trip then this Winter Snow Trek is unquestionably for you. During the journey, you will go through hypnotizing pleasant perspectives, rich woods, fields just as snow tracks. You need to realize that Kedarkantha Summit is settled in Govind natural life National santuary Park of Uttarkashi. This excellent pinnacle is surrounded by a few grand waterway valleys, this valley is otherwise called upper valley of garwal, distantly arranged towns the kedarkantha residents of these towns are living here since Mahabharat Period. Kedarkantha is considered as top most winter snow journey in India, fledglings can likewise do this trip in the Himalayas that you need to encounter in any event once in your life. Best an ideal opportunity to do this trip is from the principal seven day stretch of November to the most recent seven day stretch of April, you can discover a great deal of snowfall here. The camping areas of this journey are beautifull all camps are covered with snow after mid november. Albeit each trip in the Himalayas is exceptional and known for its own magnificence. Journeying regularly gives you a portion of nature which is beyond the realm of imagination in the urban communities and furthermore offers you the opportunity to extend your mental and actual cutoff points. This Trek is one of those trips in the Himalayas that prompt you to observe the excellence of nature that too in its unadulterated structure. Directly from snow-covered mountains, green fields woods, frozen lake to a satisfying heavenly culmination, it offers all that you wish for as an adventurer. The culmination climb of journey is incredibly fulfilling and sure to give you stunning recollections. Every one of these perspectives are seen from the beginning stage Sankri headquarters till highest point. As you start your trip in the early hours of the morning and progressively move up the precarious slope, you will encounter stunning nature sees. Kedar Kantha is well known basically as a colder time of year journey that starts directly from a celebrated town called Sankri. This delightful town is practically 210km away from Dehradun. For the most part, in the mountains, winter is very brutal with regards to climate. At the point when the snowfall starts, the temperature drops down to short that further squares a few streets, making most regions inaccessible. Every one of these things frequently make journey energizing and mainstream in light of the fact that here you can really encounter what winter feels like in the mountains. The temperature here drops to 10 degrees around evening time and surprisingly less yet recall such sort of temperature is tolerable just with a touch of watchfulness. This is the motivation behind why a few vacationers head towards the base town of this journey called Sankri, particularly in the long stretch of December, January, February, and March every year. The drive from Dehradun to mussoorie and to sankari is quite possibly the most staggering and beguiling drive in the Himalayas. Thus, remember to convey your camera. In transit, you will go over the ways loaded up with snow just as knolls that will offer you an entrancing look at the Himalayan Peaks. The quiet and serene streams alongside peaceful lakes make certain to treat all your journeying sleepiness and give you a delicacy in nature. You can do ski, on the off chance that you are acceptable at doing skiing, ensure you attempt it throughout the Winter. Skiing will allow you the opportunity to encounter an astonishing perspective on the medows of himalyas covered with snow.  

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