Everyday kids’ looks
Everyday kids’ looks
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Dressing up children is not an easy job, but it is possible to create comfortable and cute outfits   Thinking about nice and comfortable clothes to dress the little ones every day is not easy. Despite the concern for children's clothes, nothing is more pleasurable than seeing your son or daughter in a beautiful, stylish, comfortable outfit that reflects his or her personality. This is probably the best part about children's fashion. If you, mom, dad, or relative, are struggling to create nice and comfy outfits for your kids, here are some recommendations and tips. As time goes by, it may become easier to combine the garments and, still, teach kids about fashion and comfort, letting them create their own looks and exercise their creativity.

T-shirt + jeans with elastic waist

Basic, easy, comfortable and cute. This combination is one of the moms’ and dads’ favorites since it is easy to combine and makes boys and girls free to play, run, jump and dance. It is a great bet for birthday parties, especially those with playgrounds, slides and other activities. To make your life easier, bet on t-shirts in bright or dark colors that help to mask the after-play dirt. The best: unisex outfit!


Practical, the overall is perfect for on-the-go days when you don't have time to think about a cool combination. Made in jeans, twill or fabric, overalls help you create stylish outfits easily for boys and girls. However, it can make bathroom time more complicated. Therefore, avoid choosing it for situations that will last for many hours or if your child still has difficulties in controlling the pee.

Top + skorts

Perfect choice for girls! Skorts are comfortable and let them free to play, jump, run and dance without any reservations. The top is a great choice for hot days and makes the outfit fresh. Sneakers and sandals fastened to the feet, with buckles, allow the fun to continue.

Tank shirt + shorts

Now, an outfit for boys: just as the top for girls, the tank shirt is sleeveless, allowing the child to play and move her or his arms easily and keeping him fresh over the day. Shorts, light and comfortable, are a casual and cool option for most places where children go.

Other tips to make kids’ outfits

If you need more confidence to create your son or daughter's looks, check out some tips below and learn how to combine the pieces.

Define the main garment

This recommendation is already used by adults and is pretty useful for kids’ outfits too. Define the main garment of the look — a nice pair of jeans, a striped shirt or a floral dress, for example — and combine the other items starting from this first. This will make the choice easier and save some time (a scarce resource for most mothers and fathers).

Choose by theme

Does your child like a specific theme? Princesses, cars, robots, animals, fruits? This might help you create the outfit and also make him or her enjoy dressing even more and express imagination through clothes. Get their favorite theme and create outfits starting from one thematic item. It may be a superhero t-shirt, a princess dress, or a cowboy hat. Defining this special part of the look will make them involved in the process of creating outfits and expressing themselves. And, guess what? This will be important not only for their personal formation but also to help you. At the next time, they probably will want to make the whole outfit — and you will only need to approve it!

Focus on comfort

Last but not least: the imperative info about children’s looks is comfort. They need to be comfortable to play, run, study, and explore the world, regardless of the event. Therefore, always bet on soft fabrics and modelings.
Everyday kids’ looks

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Everyday kids’ looks